Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging

Plastic packaging currently occupies a very important position in present society.

Plastic packaging is usually odorless and tasteless. In some cases. it is almost compulsory for protecting certain kinds of foods that require long shelf life such as frozen food kept in vacuumed bags. There are some types of packaging that achieve high rigidity, effective properties of resistance against moiture, chemical or to protect scent and flavor of product inside. These characteristics help to keep quality of packaged products from being dehydrated or rotten.

Packaging can be transparent to make product visible or can be opaque, obscuring the light to protect food.

Plastic packaging protects product against pasteurization or deep freezing temperatures.

The most outstanding feature of plastic packaging is that it is lighter than all other packaging, very convenient in transportation, distribution. Plastic packaging are colorful and attractive to consumers as it can achieve high quality printing.

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