Established in 2004, we always strive to provide our customers with the highest quality services following our slogan: "Speedy – Accuracy – Professional."



We offer various kinds of printing to cater to different usages such as flexographic, offset press, and roto-gravure.

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Our plastic packaging solution provides high rigidity with resistance against moisture, chemical or to protect scent and flavor of the products inside.

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Printed Labels & Stickers

Our label and sticker solutions are offered in various size and designs to cater to your specific needs.

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Our Products

Our packaging solutions include various kinds of soft, plastic packaging, paper boxes, labels, bags, as well as various kinds of laminated bags & rolls for auto packing.

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Our Customers

We service many large seafood exporters, FMCG companies, local and international manufacturers. Many packaging products by Duy Nhat Pack are found in major global retailers including Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Costco, and independents, P&C and Food Service.

Our Certificates

Quality control to minimize risks & errors prior delivering to customers to products is our highest priority. Therefore, we have been continuously implementing modern quality assurance programs such as ISO 22000:2018, ISO 9001:2005 & BRC for our packaging


Duy Nhat Pack operates at newly opened 80,000m2 facility located in An Nghiep Industrial Park, Soc Trang...

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What is Duplex paperbboard? Understanding Duplex paperboard in packaging & printing

Duplex is a type of paperboard that is stock produced and consists of two layers. It usually has a coated surface that is glossy, making the surface water-resistant. Therefore, it is widely used for packaging that requires high sturdiness and large size boxes.

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What is Ivory paper? Understanding the advantages and applications of Ivory paper in packaging & printing

Ivory Paper is a high quality paper with good thickness and sturdy characteristic. It comes with a glossy white surface on one side and a rough texture on the other side. Ivory paper has a dinstinct and clean look. It is widely utilized in packaging as it can offer the ability to be printed in full-colour design, and safe for containting and preserving food.

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Candy & Snack Packaging

Candies and snacks are well loved by people from all ages around the world. Therefore, beside the quality and taste of the candies and snacks, the packaging plays an important role in promoting the products, attracting customers, boost products' value, as well as helping the brand to reach customers easier and occupy the space.

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