What is Ivory paper? Understanding the advantages and applications of Ivory paper in packaging & printing

1. What is Ivory Paper?

Ivory Paper is a high quality paper with good thickness and sturdy characteristic. It comes with a glossy white surface on one side and a rough texture on the other side. Ivory paper has a dinstinct and clean look. It is widely utilized in packaging as it can offer the ability to be printed in full-colour design, and safe for containting and preserving food. Comparing to Bristol paper, Ivory paper offers better thickness as well as durability.

Seafood Box
Seafood box made with Ivory paper by DN® Pack

2. Types of Ivory paper

Ivory paper can be categorized into two types:

  • Ivory paper (FBB): this first type of Ivory paper has one glossy side and one rough, textured side. It has a white color, thick, and sturdy. The paper generally weighs around 170 – 400 gsm. But the most popular weight lies around 210 to 400 gsm. This category of Ivory paper is usually utilized as a raw material in packaging. Specifically, it is used for cigarettes boxes, medicine boxes, consmetic boxes, perfume boxes, cake boxes, fastfood containers, tea and coffee boxes.
  • Kraft Ivory paper: This second type of Ivory paper has one glossy surface and the remaining side has similar rough and dark texture to the regular Kraft paper. The paper weighs around 230gsm – 500gsm. This category of Ivory paper has also been widely utilized in packaging design due to its eco-friendly, safe, and recyclable nature. It is used to produce shoe boxes, alcohol boxes, toothpaste boxes, food packaging, milk boxes as well as juice boxes.

3. Weight

Ivory paper usually comes in several thickness and weight variations, namely 210 gsm, 230 gsm, 250 gsm, 270 gsm, 300 gsm, 350 gsm, and up to 400 gsm.

For weight of papers, gsm is a standard measurement, which stands for grams per square meter. GSM measurement is a good guide to quality as a higher value indicates the paper is thicker and heavier.


400 gsm Ivory paper means that for one meter square, the Ivory paper will weigh 400 g

350 gsm Ivory paper means that for one meter square, the Ivory paper will weigh 350 g

Noted that, for paper with gsm value higher than 350, the texture of the paper is highly important as it directly affects the quality of the packaging product.

4.Pros and Cons of Ivory paper

4.1 Pros of Ivory paper:

  • High quality Ivory paper provides a clean and glossy surface that offers high aesthetic for the packaging as it can be printed in full-color.
  • Ivory paper is thick and sturdy. Therefore it can be applied with various techniques such as cut, folded, embossing, die cut to make to overall packaging more attractive.
  • Ivory paper has high elasticity, is light weight, and water resistant.
  • Can be utilised in various printing technique such as Offset printing, Flexo printing or in UV printing.

4.2 Cons of Ivory paper:

Since Ivory paper is often considered premium paper, it has relatively higher price comparing to other kinds of paper such as Ford paper, Bristol paper, Couche paper, Duplex paper. Normally, only premium packaging will make use of Ivory paper.

5. Application of Ivory paper

Ivory paper can be used as the raw material for the packaging for food, medicine, cosmetic, as well as other various consumer products. Due to its premium price, high consistency, and durability, it is widely used as the raw material for premium packging boxes to contain premium and high quality products.

Seafood Box
Candy box manufactured by DN® Pack

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