Candy & Snack Packaging

Candies and snacks are well loved by people from all ages around the world. Therefore, beside the quality and taste of the candies and snacks, the packaging plays an important role in promoting the products, attracting customers, boost products' value, as well as helping the brand to reach customers easier and occupy the space.

1. Packaging with direct contact

It can be easily observed that plastic packaging is widely utilised for candies and snacks as the direct contact surface. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on the importance, materials and usage of plastic packaging in packing candies and snacks. In addition, you can also consult some of our existing packagings that can be used for snacks and cakes.

Direct contact candies and snacks packaging
Candies and snacks packaging

2. Structure & composition of plastic packaging

Due to the variety of candies and snacks, plastic packaging for them comes in many different sizes and shapes. In many cases, candies and snacks often have short to medium shelf life since they consists of certain characteristics such as crispiness, softness, and easily affected by oxidation when exposed to the environment with high moisture or high temperature. Therefore, the contents of candy and snack packaging require level of protection and preservation. Besides, there are some candies and cakes that are required to be kept in a certain shape of form. This means that the structure & composition of the plastic packaging has to be controlled in a much stricter manner so that the quality of the products are ensured when they reach the customers.

E.g. To preserve a package of Pia cake (a special cake come from South-Western Vietnam), the packaging manufacturer has to make sure that the packaging will seal and protect the cake from oxidation, moisture, and lighting at the highest level. This is to ensure that the color, smell, and taste of the cake is kept at the desired quality. Additionally, the packaging has to make sure that the shape and form of the cake is kept as it was made during the transportation and distribution process. For such products, at DN Pack, we usually opt for plastic packaging that is composed of PET/PE, or PET/MPET/PE, or PET/AL/PE to offer the most optimal performance.

Bao bì bánh pía
Bao bì bánh Pía

Therefore, depending on the characteristic of the products, the packaging manufacturer has to make sure that the structure & composition of plastic packaging is the most optimal and cost efficient. To make sure that the right structure & composition of plastic packaging is chosen for your products , please contact us so that our energetic and experience staffs can provide you with the most suitable solution and answer any enquiries you may have for candy & snack Packaging.

3. Functions of plastic packaging for candies and snacks

• Preservation – Protection: Plastic packaging helps to preserve the products for longer shelf life and protect the contents from various environmental factors. Furthermore, plastic packaging ensures that candies and snacks are kept at the highest quality for the longest time possible. Besides, the packaging plays an important role in protecting the content against physical damages, which can negatively affect the presentation of the product, making the products easier to be transportated and distributed.

• Marketing and presentation: Plastic packaging for candies and snacks represents the image of the products as well as brand image. It plays an important role in affecting how people perceive the particular product and brand. Therefore, the packaging is a significant factor in determining how well a candy and snack perform. This in turn, affects the overall business strategy and consumer behavior, as well as competitive advantage against the competitor.

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